Thursday, October 29, 2015

10/26 "Food"

Good morning fellow Toastmasters, our 10/26 "Food" meeting was definitely interesting and fun at the same time.
Our Toastmaster Byron started off with a small mention of the “Tall Tales” contest, where he congratulated Michelle on placing 2nd at the evaluation contest!!! Great job Michelle, way to represent Club 269.
Michelle then went and asked some of the most unique questions one could ask about something we all love FOOD!!! The questions kept us on our feet and looking to the skies answering those thought provoking questions.
George filled in admirably last night acting as the table topic evaluator, offering useful advice to each and every Table Topic speaker present.
Refreshments & snacks were provided by Daniel, Martin, & Dee. I thought I made a wrong turn and ended up in a buffet (all good treats & so much to choose from). And who brought the layered dip? In line with the Table Topic questions, I thought I was at a food eating contest and tried to finish it off myself #kidding. Honestly it was really GOOD Thank you all who brought snacks last night, always appreciated.
We had three speakers yesterday. Brian who spoke about taking advantages of all opportunities presented, Garvin who gave us a snippet of a WWII battle, and Charles who talked about getting the digits lol, in other words a young lady’s phone number :)
Their evaluators were on point (tremendous) Fabian, Ernestina & myself all provided feedback to each of their assigned speaker which they could possibly implement in their future speeches.
If you ask me, a very productive meeting last night.
We really hope to see everyone dressed up in their Halloween/Dia de los muertos disfrazes (COSTUMES) next week…there will be a prize!!!
Lastly, If you don't want to be left out of inside joke again (Subject of Email) be sure to join us next Monday if you can :) 
Don’t forget it’s a potluck!!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like...FALL Season

Good morning Toastmasters, our 10/19 "Fall" meeting was fast paced and fun.

We started a couple minutes late due to an officers meeting which preceded our regularly scheduled session. Our Toastmaster Byron (who filled in admirably) in typical "Ice Man" fashion, ran a very smooth meeting. Florence, our Table Topic Master, asked us not only Fall season questions but "falling in life questions" (great play on words). All Table Topic speakers did very well as I noticed people leaning forward really paying attention to what each fellow Toastmaster had to say.

I got right down to the nitty gritty quickly pointing out positive aspects of each TT speaker speeches & ways to make small improvements (there weren't many) for each speaker.
I've always said one can never go wrong with pizza & pop!!! And last night was no exception. Thank you so much Ernestina for bringing both items! Also, Martin who brought pastries last night.
Thank you

We had two prepared speeches last night. George who spoke about the "17th door" in Tustin. And Sergio who gave his icebreaker speech. George was very animated in his speech & might have talked some people into signing a waiver to attend the haunted house (he was that convincing). Sergio gave us a snippet of his life and growing up changing schools to better himself (Great stuff Sergio, very inspiring)

Their evaluators, Juju & Lucile provided very useful feedback to both speakers separately.

Lastly, Daniela our general evaluator last night provided a summary of how the meeting went. Thank you for being so detailed and not leaving anything out!

 All in all really a great meeting, we will see everyone next week!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Fortune Cookie"

Hello Fellow Toastmasters, our 10/05 meeting themed "Fortune Cookie" had us cracking jokes, cookies, & reading our fortunes.

Daniela our TT master last night brought us fortune cookies not too eat (unless you wanted to) but to use as topics for Table Topics last night. The idea was originally suggested by Byron and executed flawlessly by Daniela (bravo). It was truly one of the most entertaining Table Topics to date.

Our Toastmaster Michael got us in and out on time yesterday. The refreshments!!! WOW we had a smorgasbord of snacks last night (for those who missed it, you missed a great feast) Thank you George, Byron, & Martin for providing our club with very tasty snacks.

The 2nd half of our meeting featured 3 prepared speeches by 3 seasoned Toastmasters. Charles-"Best Friend", Ricardo-"Mescal", Ernestina-"Abortion". Three very different speeches all very interesting in their own way. Byron, George, & Fabian all provided each their assigned speaker advice and ways to improve their speeches.

>>>>> Quick Reminder <<<
For those who have yet to pay their club dues, Fabian "The Collector" Paez will be collecting them without fail @ our next club meeting (10/12). SET A REMINDER PEOPLE!!! 

Gotta love fall, this strange weather really made for a great meeting yesterday. We hope to see everyone in attendance next week  #IsItMondayYet?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What's your fortune???