Wednesday, November 25, 2015

11/23 meeting "Thanksgiving"

Good morning fellow Toastmasters, our 11/23 meeting "Thanksgiving" had us counting our blessings & saw a small but excited group of Toastmasters attend the meeting.
Byron filled in as Invocation with a great opening monologue.
George our TTmaster asked all TT speakers varying questions which elicited great responses about being thankful. 
Ernestina offered very detailed advice to each TT speaker in attendance. We really appreciate the pointers given.
Refreshments & snacks aka small feast! were provided by Daniela with an assist from your truly, delivering the goodies. For those who missed out, truly a Subway feast for the ages  #YUM #EatFresh...Thank you Daniela  :)
Angelica, Fabian, & Michael all gave very entertaining speeches last night. Byron, George, & Juju offered very good advice to their speakers.
Although there weren't many of us last night, the Toastmasters in attendance did a great job filling in for the ones who could not attend.
We hope to see everyone next week.

!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the Club 269 family !!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

11/16 meeting "Newspaper / Current Events"

Good afternoon fellow Toastmasters, our 11/16 meeting "Newspaper / Current Events" had us talking about what's going on in the world & in the life of fellow Toastmasters.
Daniela filled in by starting the meeting off right by giving us an impromptu Invocation message which was followed by Juju who ran a well organized meeting.
Byron our TT master gave us a choice of speaking on what's going on in the world or each speaker choosing their own topic. We heard some points of view from fellow Toastmasters and some personal news as well.
Michelle offered very good advice to each TT speaker attending last night with her trademark delivery  :)
Refreshments & snacks were provided by Juju. PIZZA PIZZA!!!! Thank you Juju for feeding us warm pizza pie on a cold night.
Dee, Daniel, & Florence all gave well rounded speeches / performances last night. Byron, myself, & Angelica evaluated their Toastmaster and offered usable advice to all.
Although we were few, it was really a good meeting last night.
We know it's chilly out, but try your best to join us even if you experience "shaky knees" due to the cold weather lol.  We'll see everyone next week!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11/9 meeting "DREAMS"

Good morning fellow Toastmasters, our 11/9 meeting "DREAMS" had us thinking of our dreams and aspirations.
Brian our TT master asked various questions about our thoughts and dreams. All table topic toastmasters did a great job of painting a picture of their dreams.
Daniela offered very poignant advice to all Table Speakers (really challenged us to improve!)
Refreshments & snacks were provided by Luis. Martin brought something as well. Thank you both for the goodies.
Juju (Sounds - whistle/peacock), Michelle (Don't Kick the Bucket), & George (Intro to Healthcare) all gave very informative speeches last night.
Daniel, Migo, & Charles all provided each of their assigned speakers constructive feedback they could use.
Definitely one of the most interesting and interactive meetings we've had in a while. This is what Toastmasters is all about!
All in all a great meeting....we hope to see everybody again next Monday to continue the strong meeting we had yesterday.

Thank You

Saturday, November 7, 2015

11-2 Halloween/ dia de muertos

Good morning fellow Toastmasters, our 11-2  Halloween/ dia de muertos meeting was definitely interesting and fun at the same time.

Our Toastmaster Daniel lead the meeting very smoothly

Alex our table topic master, asked scary questions, everybody were able to answer with no fear.

Michael our table topic evaluator, offering useful advice to each and every Table Topic speaker present.

Refreshments & snacks were provided by all members,.

We had three speakers . Ben, Migo, Ernestina.

Their evaluators were on point (tremendous) Daniela, Brian and Charles,all provided feedback to each of their assigned speaker which they could possibly implement in their future speeches.

If you ask me, a very productive meeting.
We really hope to see everybody next week.