Tuesday, February 23, 2016

02/22/2016 meeting “Valentine’s Day”

Good Morning Fellow Toastmasters,

Our “Valentine’s Day” meeting last night was both fun and entertaining. The meeting started with Joan filling in as Invocation and myself delivering a joke for all to hear!

Charles kept the meeting flowing smoothly and more importantly got us out on time!

Florence did a great job last night as Table Topic Master, asking us questions relating to Valentine’s Day and what it meant to each and every one of us.

Angelica then provided feedback to all Table Topic speakers in attendance after a long hiatus from the Topic Evaluator role.

All TT speakers were great providing us real insight into what Valentine’s means to them.

Our halftime break included a variation of snacks provided by both Brian & Byron. Thank you VERY MUCH from all us!!!

The prepared speaking portion of the meeting was highlighted by Migo (Lantern Festival) and Angela (40 years & counting). Which in turn were evaluated by Lucille & Juju. Thank you to speakers and evaluators for that.

Martin performing the General Evaluator role for the 1st time did a very good job recapping the meeting flow, hope to hear you again in the near future.

All in All a great meeting to come back to after the President’s Day holiday!

In closing, prior to the regular meeting officers threw around different ideas on how improve “The Toastmaster Experience” (sounds like a Vegas show lol) & tailor it towards its constituent’s  #ExcitingStuff

If this intrigues you and like to know more, be sure to be in attendance at next week’s meeting to hear more about it!!!!

Let’s all have a great week, hope to see everyone in attendance next Monday!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

02/08/2016 meeting "This Day in History"

Hello Fellow Toastmasters,

Our meeting last night was highly productive as we remembered instances of ‘This Day in History.’ Lucille, always thoughtful with her Invocation, started our meeting off on the right foot, and Alonzo as a first time Joke Master, shared a short but funny joke about reali-tea.

I, Daniela, as your Toastmaster, made sure the meeting kept running smoothly and that we stayed on track with time. Michael, our Table Topic Master for the night, did an excellent job providing us with examples of events/individuals from the past, then asking questions related to those topics. The questions varied in topics from sports, to cars, to capital punishment. All speakers are commended for thinking quickly on their feet  as these were quite thought-provoking questions. Ernestina as the Topic Evaluator, provided speakers with tips and suggestions to improve their presence on stage.
Refreshments were provided by Daniela, and Florence who brought juicy Oranges in celebration of Chinese New Year. Thank You!

The second half of our meeting started off with an impromptu speech by Fabian explaining that in order to help others, we must first help ourselves. Our second speaker Sergio, gave us his second project and shared the particulars of his work with office equipment and how he assists his clients in his profession. Aaron, our third speaker, gave us his icebreaker speech and shared about his life growing up and how a life-changing moment prompted him to make a decision that has shaped him into the person he is today. The speeches tonight were full of passion and conviction, thank you to all the speakers!

To evaluate the speakers we first had Daniel point out the great areas of our seasoned Fabian’s presentation, but also suggested more a bit more movement . Florence evaluated Sergio’s speech and commended him for his knowledgeable presentation but also provided suggestions to improve his speaking, including using more direct eye contact. Last but not least, Garvin evaluated Aaron’s icebreaker and pointed out that his speech flowed well, like a movie and recommended him to continue sharing personal stories as they always make great speeches.
It was a great turnout last night and a very productive meeting. We will not be meeting next week, 02/15. A reminder will be sent out. I hope to see many more of you in two weeks!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

02/01/2016 meeting

Hello Fellow Toastmasters,
Thank you to our Toastmasters who filled in for roles last night, this is a great opportunity to learn and practice our leadership skills.

Our Invocation by George was uplifting

Angelica filled in as our Joke Master, did an outstanding job

Charles our Table Topic Master gave a very good introduction into our Table Topics, and gave us thoughtful questions . All speakers did a great job going up and speaking including the guests.
Our Table Topic Evaluator Michael focused his evaluation on voice variation and body  language, Giving very useful areas to improve for all speakers.

Thank you for the wonderful refreshments provided by Michael Daniel, with a variety of goodies.

We had two speakers for the night Juju, who gave us  a taste of last Saturday lace training . Thanks to Garvin  for giving an impromptu speech talking about being yourself and enjoy your life.

 Great evaluations were given by George and Dee.

The general evaluator, Migo gave a  precise review of the meeting.

Thank you all, see you next week.