Monday, June 8, 2009

Merit Badge Program - Boy Scouts

Dear BSA 710 scouts, parents and Toastmasters,

We have lots of fun with this year's Communication / Public Speaking merit badges program. Why do we support this program? Similar to Toastmasters International, Boy Scouts provide an environment for young people to develop self confidence and leadership.

Many leaders are trained as Scouts. The long list of famous Scouts includes:

President John F. Kennedy
Boy Scout

President Gerald Ford
Eagle Scout

Sam M. Walton
Chairman/CEO, Wal-Mart
Eagle Scout

Neil A. Armstrong, First
person to set foot on the Moon
Eagle Scout

Steven Spielberg,
Director, Producer
Eagle Scout
More can be found at:

We are wrapping up with the make up class and attend public meeting is coming up on Thursday, 6/18/09. I would encourage Ethan, Owen and Chris to watch the Final NBA game closely and get lots information to your speech.

See you soon! Juju