Wednesday, June 8, 2016

06/06/2016 About Last Night..........

Good evening fellow Toastmasters. Quick recap of last nights meeting to follow...

The evening started of right as we were immediately treated to a very "summery" Invocation message followed by a joke that made us chuckle by Joan who filled both roles last night.

Martin kept the meeting flowing on time as our Toastmaster. Daniel our TT master asked us many a question regarding our thoughts on different forms of media. Good job of varying questions to each speaker Daniel.

Michael then provided very poignant and helpful feedback to each Table Topic speaker last night. We then headed for break and were treated to something I believe fellow Toastmasters had only seen in magazines...healthy snacks lol. Thank you Margaret for providing us a very tasty healthy choice!

The 2nd half of the meeting was highlighted  by prepared speeches given by Fabian, Migo, & Al who were in turn evaluated by Margaret, Garvin, and myself. I thought the speakers gave great speeches all in very different ways. Evaluators then pointed out "The Good, and the possible improvements" to each of their speakers.

All in all, a very energetic meeting following the Memorial Day break. 

I've tried my best to describe last nights meeting to the best of my ability but honestly being there in person provides a much better experience. So if you want to experience it for yourself, we hope to see you in attendance next Monday.

Thank You