Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Second Chance

Good Morning Toastmasters,

A fun evening for those who attended this “second chance” 
themed meeting.  Our Toastmaster Migo, handled the reins 
and although it was his first time as TM, he did a very 
commendable job.  Brian gave us a very useful tip in his 
first ever invocation.   Not sure who the joke master was, 
but I think he needs some new “Tarzan” material.
Our table topics, always a success, especially with Lucille 
as our honorable Topic Master, gave us all a lot to think 
about when it comes to forgiveness and a second chance. 
\George, our newest member took honors as best Topic 
Speaker……congratulations George.
Thanks to Daniella, we had a variety of tasty refreshments 
at break time.
Our second half speakers were, Michael “house boating” 
and Garvin “ways to be successful”.  Both speakers were 
able to present their ideas clearly and helped the audience 
to consider their ideas in a new and interesting way.

Great to see Joan, Ernestina, and Florence.

Make it a good one.

Oops…. Forgot to mention our Topic Evaluator Alex, 
who was so thorough in his recap of each speaker. This 
was Alex’s first time as topic evaluator and he was excellent.  
Also, thanks to Florence for filling in as our General Evaluator.

I think that’s it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On-line Shopping

Hello Fellow Toastmasters,

Quite an educational night, last night, with 2 speeches 
that were both entertaining and educational.  First up,
 Brian who taught us how to “not talk to toddlers”.  
Seems like Brian has learned a lot in the past 2 years, 
since his son was born…..good luck this week, with 
your new strategy Brian.  Next was James who taught 
us what it means to use body language in our 
speeches….. an exceptional speech which completes 
his advanced manual.  Great job James.

Our break was courtesy Sindy and Lucille.  All homemade 
goodies    yummmmm!

The theme for the evening was “on line shopping” 
and our dear Garvin volunteered to take up the honors 
as Topic Master.  He did a great job asking questions in 
his familiar charismatic style.  Seemed like everyone had 
so much to talk about, as Daniella mentioned in her evaluation.  
Daniella gave us all solid information on what worked and what 
we need to do to step it up a notch.  All in all, a fun evening…..
and we all became a little better at our craft. 

A Great Week.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Key Words