Tuesday, February 24, 2015

US Presidents

Fellow Toastmasters,

Our meeting was started with a heartfelt invocation from Alex who shared his thoughts on opportunities in America. 
The theme  “US Presidents” was a tough Table Topic for some of us, but Lucille was the perfect host
to take on the duty as Topic Master.  Joan our Topic evaluator was equally as impressive.
Toastmaster Michael kept the meeting moving smoothly into the second half, with speeches from Sindy, and Migo. 
Sindy’s speech, outlining the benefits of our website, while Migo gave his first speech “the ice breaker”.   Both entertaining
and informative.

Thanks to all, and have a great week.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Fellow Toastmasters,
Valentines was the theme and we had a lively group even though it was a holiday.

Led by our Toastmaster of the evening, August who kept us on track and did a  “Toastmasterful” job of transitions and introductions. 
Terry, our Table Topic Master, gifted us with a history of “Why we have a Valentine’s Day”. And as Dee said, in her energetic and succinct evaluation, everyone was so creative and animated. 
Let’s not forget the delicious treats from Joan, Dee and Daniella (homemade cupcakes and brownies) mmmmm……thank you, thank you, thank you.
Two speeches from Paul and Sara (Sleep dysfunction and video conference re: disabled) followed by evaluations from Garvin, Daniella, and our general evaluator, Fabian wrapped up the evening.

See everyone next week.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Fellow Toastmasters,
So good to see and feel all the energy
last night.

With Alex as our toastmaster, the evening was assured to run smoothly…….and it did.
The theme “Alzheimer’s” was terrific since we have all been touched by it and August our topic master was up to the job.  Congratulations Daniella as our outstanding topic speaker.
We had 2 seasoned speakers last night, Sindy and Juju.  Great manual speeches on “accepting and giving recognition”, and the “successful club series”.
Followed by wonderful evaluations from Joan and Garvin.
Thanks to Larry for doing double duty as our joke master and general evaluator.

All and all, it was fun and we grew.   Have a great week.

Note that next Monday is Presidents Day, and we will be meeting as usual.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Fellow Toastmasters Past and Present,

Last night we have 18 members and guests. We have a wonderful, energetic and productive meeting.
Our table topic questions were fun, delicious refreshment was too much, 3 prepared speeches were interesting, evaluation were educational.  2 guests joined at the endWhat a good night and good team!
Daniel did an extraordinary job as table topic master. Although it was Daniel's first time, he was well prepared, poised, calm. He presented statistic number and asked wonderful questions on phubbing.  
Florence, glad to see she came back from took care of her aged dog, gave evaluation to every Table topic speakers on the greeting, gestures and voice variations. Very NICE!
Refreshment were provided by Daniela, Sindy, Dee and Juju. Valley Speakers know how to enjoy the break time!
Three prepared speakers were Alex, Michelle and Joan. Alex's speech was the CC manual #4 how to say it. I learned the Spanish culture and elotus for corn. Michelle's speech was the CC manual #6 - Voice Variation. She described the Chinese New Year, the color, the noise, the prosperity with gestures, crops and wonderful voices. Joan's speech was about cowboy poetry. She shared the book from her friend,  recited the poem with rhyme. I can picture the blue sky, green prairie and the wild wild west....
Al evaluations, 3 prepared speeches, 3 thoughtful evaluations with suggestions. Meeting adjourned on time and two visitors, Benjamin and Anthony paid to become members after the meeting.
Three honored guests were Marlin, our area governor, Christion and Chris Ngo.  Both Chris were brave and delivered their first table topic speech. Good job!
BIG THANKS to Marlin who also evaluated the speech made by Michelle.  She also mentioned to Juju about preparing the Spring Area Speech Contest on Monday so the biggest club could participate in the event. We will discuss this issue with president and make decision.
Welcome!  Anthony Liu and Benjamin Wada have paid and become members. Congratulations!
Juju Liu,