Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Fortune Cookie"

Hello Fellow Toastmasters, our 10/05 meeting themed "Fortune Cookie" had us cracking jokes, cookies, & reading our fortunes.

Daniela our TT master last night brought us fortune cookies not too eat (unless you wanted to) but to use as topics for Table Topics last night. The idea was originally suggested by Byron and executed flawlessly by Daniela (bravo). It was truly one of the most entertaining Table Topics to date.

Our Toastmaster Michael got us in and out on time yesterday. The refreshments!!! WOW we had a smorgasbord of snacks last night (for those who missed it, you missed a great feast) Thank you George, Byron, & Martin for providing our club with very tasty snacks.

The 2nd half of our meeting featured 3 prepared speeches by 3 seasoned Toastmasters. Charles-"Best Friend", Ricardo-"Mescal", Ernestina-"Abortion". Three very different speeches all very interesting in their own way. Byron, George, & Fabian all provided each their assigned speaker advice and ways to improve their speeches.

>>>>> Quick Reminder <<<
For those who have yet to pay their club dues, Fabian "The Collector" Paez will be collecting them without fail @ our next club meeting (10/12). SET A REMINDER PEOPLE!!! 

Gotta love fall, this strange weather really made for a great meeting yesterday. We hope to see everyone in attendance next week  #IsItMondayYet?

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