Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Fear, Contests, Noodles, & Fun..."

Good morning fellow Toastmasters. Our 08/31 meeting “FEAR” was about phobias, some of which we knew about & others we did not.
Byron (TT master last night) asked about different phobias (I didn’t know there were so many), which resulted in many differing & very entertaining responses by Table Topic speakers.  Michael did an admirable job filling in as our TT evaluator last night, giving useful advice to all participating TT speakers.
Our refreshments were just great yesterday. Thank you Florence, Byron, somebody I’m forgetting & a guest who kept us fed and quite refreshed. Insert “I’m full” emoticon here lol.
We prepared for our club speech contest last night by having 5 total speakers (YES 5) Luis got the 2nd part of our meeting going, by giving his Icebreaker speech GREAT JOB!!!  Garvin, Ricardo, & Charles presented their speeches for the “tall tale” contest, while Juju prepared a short impromptu speech for George and Michelle to evaluate for the evaluators contest. Ernestina closed out meeting filling in as the General Evaluator going over the meeting and upcoming speech contest details.
Truly, a great meeting last night with 20+ Toastmasters in attendance! Remember we are not in session next week due to the Labor Day holiday.  Next meeting, we will hear our Tall Tale & Evaluators contestants one last time before we vote on who will represent us at the speech contest on September 19th. Let’s have a good turnout in two weeks (09/14) so we can provide all speech & evaluator contestants, poignant feedback and a proper vote.
Have a great Labor Day holiday my fellow Toastmasters!

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