Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Good morning fellow Toastmasters. After returning from our mini vacation our 08/24 meeting “Superheroes” really had us thinking on our feet.

Miguel (our TT master) had us thinking right from the start. Many different superhero situation scenarios were asked, which I think really let our Toastmaster skills shine. Michelle did an admirable job filling in as Toastmaster yesterday. Daniel gave every TT speaker advice they could really use. While Brian brought us a full feast (my favorite was the sushi :) Thank you very much Brian!!!

We had 3 prepared speeches last night...George (Street Fighter II) Florence (Workshop - Your Choice) Garvin (Reinvent You) 3 different types of speeches but all very engaging in their own way. 

I thought Michael, Ernestina, & Charles all provided feedback & advice that each of the speakers could use for their future speeches.

I quickly wanted to remind everyone that we always want to respect the Church's wishes & not have any food or drink in the meeting area (only in the break room). 

All in all a really fun meeting & great turnout (felt like we had a full house yesterday) We ARE in session next week (08/31), but not the following week due to the Labor Day holiday so make sure to come out and make your voice be heard next Monday :) 

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