Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tall tales and evaluation contest

Good morning fellow Toastmasters.

After returning from celebrating the labor day at home, or elsewhere, we had our first contest of the fiscal year  
Tall tales and evaluation contest.
We had 2 prepared Tall tale speeches last night... y Ricardo and Garvin, 2 different types of speeches but all very engaging. 
We also had another prepared speech (test speech)  delivered by Fabian, so our evaluation contestants Michelle and George,were able to evaluate. 
 Juju and Lucille, and all members provided feedback & advice that each of the speakers could use for their future contest.
Our fellow toastmasters representing our club will be Michelle and Ricardo.
 Thanks everyone for sharing a delicious potluck .
I quickly wanted to let everyone know that we will have our area contest this upcoming Saturday 9-19-15 @ 9am, lets show our members our support.
Attached you will find the contest flyer.

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