Friday, April 8, 2016

04/04/2016 About last night ... stories

Hello Fellow Toastmasters, 

We had quite a bounty of story-tellers last night, as yesterday’s theme was ‘Tell me a story.’ Thank you to all the members who filled in roles, beginning with Byron who filled in as Invocation. He reminded us that no matter how small, we always get something out of coming to Toastmasters. Our Joke Master Alex humored us with his tale of the robber at the police station.

Our meeting was underway very smoothly thanks to our Toastmaster for the night George, who also did a great job explaining the different parts of the meeting and roles to our guests.
Daniela, myself, filled in as Table Topic Master and quickly whipped up questions to encourage speakers to tell us about certain situations in their life in a story-telling fashion. There were quite a number of wild and interesting stories, and the natural ability to tell stories was showing because all speakers shared a personal experience. Our Table Topic Elevator Byron briefly went over each speaker’s strengths and area for improvement.
Refreshments were also provided by Byron. Thank you for filling in! It was delicious.

The second half of the meeting began with our three speakers. Michael vividly shared with us a speech about a hiking excursion with the Boys Scouts using wonderful visual aids from his trip. These included a number of hiking gear and attire. The audience was captivated by the amount of “stuff” that fits in the hiking pack! Our second speaker Michelle vibrantly told us about the importance of having setting goals and working to achieve them. She reminded us that these goals do not need to be grand, just small goals that we can accomplish in our day to day lives. Congrats to Michelle on giving her 10th speech and completing her 

Competent Communicator manual! Our last speaker was Garvin, who passionately spoke about our past President Theodore Roosevelt and why he was a great figure in history. He gave us a great history, told us about his attributes, and that he overcame obstacles. He engaged the audience by asking them to relate to this figure. Great job speakers!
The evaluations followed the speeches, and the evaluators did a great job providing feedback. Lucille evaluated Michael and informed that he successfully followed the objective of his speech, which was to use visual aids comfortably while speaking. Aaron provided feedback for Michelle and explained that her speech had a powerful message and was engaging. Daniela provided the evaluation for Garvin and acknowledged that his speech was well thought out and spoke passionately, engaging the audience with questions and use of gestures.

Last night was definitely a power-packed meeting full of energy and entertainment. Not only do we love to learn at Toastmasters, but we also love to have a great time! I hope to see you next time for another great evening.

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