Wednesday, March 23, 2016

03/14/2016 About last night ... Colors

Hello fellow Toastmasters, 

Last night our meeting was quite colorful to say the least, as we had a number of unique occurrences. 

First off, thanks to all the members who filled in roles and helped out. By helping the club and taking on a role, we're actually helping ourselves practice and get better. We also had 5 guests and one guest speaker from another club! 

Byron, our Toastmaster, gave us a great introduction and made sure our meeting ran smoothly. Our Table Topic Master Michelle really had us thinking with her take on Table Topics. Speakers were asked to pull from a bag a piece of paper containing a quote and give their thoughts. A more challenging table topics session, but very productive. 

Alex, our Table Topic Evaluator, provided the speakers with helpful criticism and focused on things to improve, since last week, the Table Topic Evaluator focused on the 'positives.'

Refreshments were provided by Byron. Thank you for filling in! It was delicious. 

We had three speakers last night. Brian shared with us a story about his career journey and his message to embrace the change in our lives. Martin enlightened us with his speech about the brain, specifically Amygdala hijacking and how to train our brain to have less emotional reactions. Our third speaker was our honored guest Glenn Y. from San Dimas Toastmasters who gave us a speech about conquering bullying. He is practicing for the area contest, good luck Glenn! 

Daniela and Fabian provided constructive criticism to the first two speakers. A group evaluation was provided for our guest Glenn. A number of members spoke out and provided him feedback that he appreciated. 

George, our General Evaluator, gave us a great summary of our meeting and provided a succinct evaluation of the speech evaluators. 

All in all another successful meeting. Hope to see many of you next week. Have a great weekend!

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