Tuesday, December 8, 2015

12/7 meeting "Table Talks"

Good morning fellow Toastmasters,
Our 12/7 meeting "Table Talks" has us thinking on our feet as we had an array of questions asked of our Table Topic master Daniel last night.
Our meeting started with a great opening invocation by Lucille and joke by Byron (both did a great job). Michael ran a very smooth meeting as we got out on time last night.
Daniel our Table Topic master asked us varying question which had us thinking and looking to the sky (as the questions made us think a little)
Brian then went over each TT speaker in great detail offering each speaker poignant advice.
Refreshments were provided by me, Byron, Martin, and Dee. All different snacks/refreshments very good selection. THANK YOU ALL!!!
Daniela spoke to us about keeping your eyes on the road while driving and how distracting it is. A very informative speech and eye opener on the hazards of driving while distracting. Juju gave a impromptu speech about her family tree in which we learned a lot about her AMAZING father. Both great speeches in their own right.
Both Lucille and Ernestina offered advice and feedback to their speaker.
Last night's meeting was a real treat, very fast paced and entertaining. Please note, Monday January 4th is our next regularly scheduled meeting. We hope to see everyone back real soon!!!

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