Tuesday, December 1, 2015

11/30 meeting "Argument"

Good morning fellow Toastmasters,
Our 11/30 meeting "Argument" saw us attempt to sell fellow Toastmasters on various products & I for one was sold!
Our meeting started with a great invocation message by Juju and a very funny opening joke by Sergio. Daniel, back from his vacation filled in admirably as our Toastmaster last night running a very smooth & fast meeting.
Charles our TT master last night brought in a "Bag 'O Goodies" for each of us to sell, and boy did we sell! We each selected an item which we then pitched to fellow Toastmasters. I saw a lot of very excited Toastmasters go up and speak last night. Who knows, we might all have a career in Sales/Marketing as a fall back career.
George then provided very honest feedback we could each put to use improving our speeches. ***GREAT JOB GEORGE***
Refreshments were provided by Florence. For those who missed it, Florence made salmon dip and brought in freshly cut fruit. Very healthy snacks…THANK YOU SO MUCH FLORENCE :)  And can’t forget Byron who provided warm water/tea on a very chilly night!
Lucille started the prepared speech portion of our meeting with a speech about Sears and her Thanksgiving which all worked out in the end. Martin followed her with his Icebreaker speech where we learned a little about his life. His speech had us listening so intently that he brought home his 1st first ribbon by winning the best speaker of the night…CONGRATS MARTIN  :)
Both Brian and Ernestina offered their assigned speaker advice they could implement for their next speech.
Truly a fun and entertaining meeting. Can’t wait for next week as it’s our last regular meeting until after our Christmas break so let’s have a full house next Monday my fellow Toastmasters!

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