Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dazzled by visitors - 4/20/09

We had sensational visitors...both of whom participated on their first visit with us. One new member mesmerized us with a speech about the plus side of living in California, and she had a very original approach to her speech. One of the visitors talked about his confidence and his musicianship and it was astounding; he had a wonderful voice quality. The another visitor, Teresa, won the best table topics speaker as well as the best evaluator for the evening. She was so observant and diplomatic. In fact, at one point, as timer, I forgot to turn on the yellow light because I was mesmerized by the way she expressed herself to the speaker she was evaluating.

What a kick. Members had a good laugh over that. When such people visit our club, we enjoy them so much. I wouldn't have missed that meeting for the world. What fun!

Sincerely, Lucille

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