Wednesday, August 17, 2016

08/15/2016 About Last Night..........

Hello Fellow Toastmasters,

Our meeting last night was full of wonderful stories, great speakers, and lots of enthusiasm, especially since your Club 269 Officers had a meeting and came up with meaty ideas for the next couple of weeks.

Want to know what it is, stay tuned! In the next couple of days, you will receive a link to a survey with questions to better tailor our club topics. I promise it's short! Please take the survey, then join us for some VERY informative topics in the next couple of weeks.
Our 08/15 meeting ran as scheduled, with members stepping in to fill roles and ALL those in attendance getting a chance to speak. Our club layout enables all members of the audience with a chance to speak: practice makes perfect.
So, who has talent? Last night we heard from two of our newer members giving speeches. First, Emi has been a Toastmaster for about two months and gave his Ice Breaker. Did you know he is a polished Opera Singer, Theatrical Performer and speaks multiple languages? We have asked him to sing us a sample song next time, so don't miss out!
Who else has talent? Hesty, a member also for about two months, gave us an impromptu speech and we found out she is in Architectural Design, yes she designs houses! She beautifully compared designing a house to the human physique, so that the audience could understand that building a house comes down to a few characteristics.

Each week we learn something new. Whether it is about someone else, or to improve ourselves. Don't miss the opportunity to network, socialize, and of course, practice your speaking and leadership skills. Join us next week!   

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