Thursday, August 4, 2016

08/01/2016 About Last Night..........

Hello fellow Toastmaster for those who weren't in attendance at last nights meeting I will quickly provide a quick recap of last nights events.

The evening treated us to a great meeting started and ended by Byron who filled in admirably as Toastmaster by keeping the meeting flowing smoothly. Daniel then asked all Table Topic speakers questions about our workplace and I for one commend him for varying the questions to each speaker. Alex (myself) then provided feedback to all Table Topic speakers in attendance.

We then headed for break where we enjoyed snacks and drinks provided by Byron. Thank you very much for that Byron.

The 2nd half of the meeting treated us to two great speeches by Terry and Fabian. Two very different speeches, but both very well delivered. Brian evaluated Terry, giving him very useful feedback on how to make slight improvements on his next speech. Migo then evaluated Fabian and did well providing tips for Fabian for his next speech.

Overall, a truly exciting meeting to be a part of.

Don't miss out, we hope to see everyone next week my fellow Toastmasters.

Thank You

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