Friday, July 22, 2016

07/18/2016 About Last Night..........

Good evening fellow Toastmasters. Our meeting tonight saw us return to regular scheduled programming.

The evening started right on time with Fabian filling in delivering a a very spiritual message.

Daniel did a great job keeping the meeting going and interjecting his witty humor throughout the night. And most importantly ending the meeting on time.

Tonight was an "open topic" and Michael our TT master really ran with it. Asking very hard hitting and thought provoking questions very much in line with what we are currently going through as people and civilization. I could tell Michael took the time to plan the questions he was to ask, we really appreciate Michael. 

Martin quite calmly then delivered his first Table topic evaluation providing each Table Topic speaker feedback invaluable advice to use in their future speeches. 

Migo then swooped in like an eagle two drop off pizzas & refreshments to keep our stomachs full and happy  :) Thank You very much Migo for doing that!!!

The 2nd half of the meeting was quite a treat as we saw 3 different speeches given. Al did a great job giving just his 2nd speech using visual aids to perfection. Diego then told us a little about his life, and aspirations delivering his IceBreaker speech. Fabian filled in as our 3rd speaker of the night with a great story as well. The speakers were evaluated by Brian, myself, & Garvin. Thank You ALL!!!

It was our first meeting back, and I have to say people seemed excited to be back! Now that summer is rolling along & we're back to our regular schedule we really hope to see everyone next week for another great meeting and our club's officer installation.

Thank You fellow Toastmasters

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