Tuesday, May 10, 2016

05/09/2016 About Last Night: Small but mighty (group)...

Good morning fellow Toastmasters,
Our 05/09 Mother's day meeting had us reminiscing and recollecting memories about our mothers.
Our meeting started with a great invocation message given by George who reminded us to enjoy life because we never know when it might change completely.
Angelica did a great job running a smooth meeting for all those in attendance.
Garvin filled in admirably as our Table Topic master last night, asking speakers questions about their mothers & mothers day. Thank you for filling in Garvin!
Daniel, back from vacation offered feedback to each Table Topic speaker which we could all put to use.
Refreshments were provided by Joan. Truly one of the best cake's I've had in a long time, thank you so much for a very tasty snack.
The second half the meeting saw Sean (The Gambler), Alex (Everything Happens for a reason), & Aaron (3 pieces of life advice & long road trips) all give very differing but interesting speeches. Thank you all for sharing.
They were evaluated by Joan, George, and Lucille. Each evaluator provided poignant to their assigned speaker.
Margaret did a great job recapping the meeting as our General Evaluator last night.
Although there was not our usual number of members in attendance at last night's meeting. It was a meeting where many fellow Toastmasters filled in roles and got familiar with different aspects of what takes place at our club. 
I really hope to see everyone next Monday to celebrate our weekly gathering which we call Toastmasters.
I wish everyone a great and productive week!

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