Tuesday, April 19, 2016

04/18/2016 About last night.......

Hello Fellow Toastmasters, 

Last night’s meeting was all about the seller’s pitch, with a twist on our theme for the night ‘Interview. The meeting got started right on time as Lucille filled in as Invocation, reminding us to reach out to our loved ones if we haven’t spoken to them in a while. Florence threw us a curve ball and had as laughing with her unsuspecting humorous quote.
Our fill-in Toastmaster for the night, Byron, led the meeting and provided a brief introduction to our Table Topic portion of the meeting before we dove right in. Alex was our Table Topic Master for the night and provided us with a twist on the Table Topic theme ‘Interview.’ Instead, he pulled out two random items from a bag, and each speaker selected one item and had to sell it to the audience. It was an interesting twist and really had us thinking on our feet. Daniela, the Table Topic Evaluator, followed up with feedback for all the speakers, giving them pointers for areas of improvement.
The refreshments last night were provided by Daniel, thank you! Or as George put it … “Food coma!”
The second half of the meeting hosted three speakers. Fabian was our first speaker and gave us an impromptu speech about the difference between electric and gas-operated cars. He shared that electric cars are better for the environment; however he doesn’t feel that gas-operated cars will ever entirely disappear. Our second speaker was Aaron who gave us his second manual speech regarding speaking and listening. He started his speech with a set of thought-provoking questions, then dove into the meat of his speech, also sharing a personal story. Our third speaker was Terry, who gave us his fourth manual speech about his perspective of Toastmasters. His speech was well organized and talked about the areas of TM which he has learned from the most, which included Table Topics, the Debate, and time management. Great job to all three speakers!
The evaluations of the speakers followed, beginning with George who evaluated Fabian. During his evaluation, George suggested the use of body movement around the stage to engage the audience. The second evaluator was Brian who commended Aaron for his well-organized speech and also pointed out areas of improvement. Brian pointed out that when using notes, be mindful of where you place the lectern so as to not distract away from your speaking. Finally, Florence evaluated Terry’s speech and right away praised him for his major improvements. She pointed out that his speech was also well-organized and that he was much more comfortable on stage. Her recommendation was to speak up a bit more and practice projecting the voice.
Our General Evaluator Daniel provided us with a great summary of the meeting and we ended the meeting on time. This was definitely another power-packed meeting and looking forward to the next one. I hope to see many of you there, see you next week!

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