Wednesday, March 2, 2016

02/29/2016 Last nights meeting "Conservation"

Good Evening Fellow Toastmasters,

Last nights meeting "Conservation" had us speak on what we thought about our environment and our lives.

Brian, our Toastmaster last night ran a very smooth meeting for us.

Daniel asked varied questions to each and every Toastmaster participating in Table Topics.

Charles then provided POSITIVE feedback from each speaker which we could use in our speeches.

George provided delicious snacks. For those in attendance who tried the Red Velvet Oreo's, you know what I'm talking about.

Florence (Taiwan hospice), Angelica ( Chaos inside/outside) Fabian (Memories) all had very interesting speeches which were evaluated by Byron, George, & Charles. Great job speakers and evaluators.
In my opinion last night's meeting was ran like "a well oiled machine". In typical Club 269 fashion each and every Toastmaster in attendance was enthusiastic in listening to their fellow Toastmasters & all members with assigned roles were executed flawlessly. I already wish it was next Monday to be there again! 

We'll see everyone next Monday!

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