Tuesday, January 12, 2016

1/11/2016 meeting "Wisdom"

Hello Fellow Toastmasters, 

Our second meeting of the year found us with a small, but mighty crowd speaking about wisdom and inspiration.
A number of members stepped up to fill in roles, including some of our newer members; great job and way to take advantage of the opportunity.

Brian, as our Table Topic Master, asked us to share with the audience about movies or life events that inspire us and/or provide us with wisdom.  All speakers shared stories of inspiration and were very comfortable on stage. Our Table Topic Evaluator Dee provided advice for our speakers that was short and to the point. 

Refreshments last night were provided by Martin, thank you! We definitely indulged during the break.
Our Toastmaster Byron introduced our speakers for the night. Daniel gave us a manual speech about the hitting the ‘Jackpot’ and what he would do if he won the lottery. Lucille shared with us an impromptu speech about childhood rhymes and the meanings behind them. Garvin also gave us an impromptu speech on ‘The Cold, Hard Truth’ about making the most of our lives while we are still alive.

The speech evaluators, Daniela, Migo and Fabian, provided useful feedback to the speakers by emphasizing the things that worked well, and providing suggestions on things that needed improvement. Our General Evaluator Lucille did a wonderful job pointing out details about the meeting that normally go unnoticed. 
An announcement was made about the LACE training. If interested, email Daniela for more information. Overall, a great meeting last night, and hope to see many more fellow members next time.

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