Thursday, August 6, 2015


Good morning fellow Toastmasters. Our 08/03 meeting “Myths” was quite thought provoking, as I saw a lot of fellow Toastmasters very pensive last night. 

Our Toastmaster last night Miguel back from a long hiatus ran a very efficient meeting. Joan our TT master really made us really think about our responses, and that was no myth lol. Daniela evaluated all Table Topic speakers very well with only a limited time to do it. 

Ernestina provided us a healthy & very tasty alternative in way of refreshments. Gracias :)

Ben gave his opening icebreaker speech (he looked like a natural). And Brian continued his prepared speech rampage, completing his 5th in a very short period of time at Toastmasters. Both Byron and Lucille gave the speakers great advice on how to improve their speeches.
All in all a great meeting last night Toastmasters, we'll see everyone again next week  :)

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